Tallene holding a plate of healthy food

10 PCOS Lunch Ideas to Lose Weight and Improve Symptoms 

Tallene holding a plate of healthy food
by Tallene Posted April 11, 2024

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a common hormonal condition that can be managed using natural, holistic methods like diet and exercise. Cysters often experience a whole catalog of PCOS symptoms, but a balanced anti-inflammatory gluten- and dairy-free diet can be really helpful to not only lose weight, but feel better! 

Managing your PCOS is all about breaking the cycle of insulin resistance, inflammation, and hormonal imbalance. These three problems feed into each other and contribute to most PCOS symptoms—everything from weight gain and acne to fatigue and sleep problems. Luckily, a sustainable diet and lifestyle can help improve insulin sensitivity, reduce inflammation, and balance hormones. 

This is why eating well is so important when trying to heal your PCOS. But, we all know when it’s hardest to stick to a diet—when you’re busy and stressed out! Coming up with not only dinner ideas, but PCOS-friendly breakfasts and lunches can be a little overwhelming. So, today, I am sharing some of my favorite lunch ideas for women with PCOS that are easy, satisfying, and beneficial to your PCOS health goals. 

Here are my top PCOS-friendly lunches:

PCOS Lunch Ideas to Lose Weight and Improve Symptoms

10 PCOS Lunch Ideas to Lose Weight and Improve Symptoms 

No-Cook Tofu Bowls

Tofu bowls are perfect for PCOS-friendly lunch! They can be ready in 20 minutes since you usually don’t even have to cook them, which is great if you just have an hour or so to get something whipped up. Not only are tofu bowls fast, but they’re also packed with protein and healthy fats! If you’re vegan, even more bonuses there. 

But, what do you put in a tofu bowl? There are so many options! Here are a couple ideas: Go Asian-inspired using ingredients like gluten-free soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger, carrots, radishes, red cabbage, and green onions. Or, go Southern with cajun seasoning, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, onions and zucchini! To add texture and make it extra filling, include brown rice or quinoa in your tofu bowl. 

Hot Girl Salads

Salads are the ultimate lunchtime solution when you’re looking for something flavorful and nutritious! Like tofu bowls, these usually require no cooking, especially if you get your protein ready in advance. (Meal prepping on weekends is always a good idea!) 

Get your choice of greens and top it with things like broccoli, apples, grapefruits, avocado, cherry tomatoes, onions, chickpeas, cucumber, corn, and quinoa. For protein, chicken, tuna, turkey, salmon, shrimp, and hard-boiled eggs are all delicious and filling for lunch! Every salad needs dressing, of course, so choose healthy options like dairy-free creamy cilantro dressing, coconut ranch, grapefruit dressing, dairy-free yogurt, olive oil, or dijon mustard. A simple, quick, and tasty option is lemon juice mixed with olive oil!

I have tons of salads on The Cysterhood app, where I share my meal plans, workout routines, and other must-have PCOS resources! Here are some of the hot girl salad recipes available on the app:

  • Mediterranean Tuna White Bean Salad
  • Shrimp Caesar Salad
  • Broccoli Apple Chicken Salad
  • Grapefruit Avocado Salad
  • Mason Jar Cobb Salad


Sandwiches are a go-to for many people’s lunches, but this can honestly be hard if you’re going gluten- and dairy-free. A better choice is wraps! You can still get a lot of sandwich flavor without the expectation of gluten-filled bread and lots of cheese. 

Within the wrap, you’ve got a lot of options. Just transform your favorite sandwich into a wrap using gluten-free tortillas or lettuce! Turkey wraps, hamburger wraps, Mediterranean chicken wraps, and Hawaiian chicken wraps are all favorites of mine and available on The Cysterhood app! If you really want cheese, there is a way to do it. Try out some dairy-free cheese! (My favorite brand is Daiya!) 

Air Fryer Chicken Nuggets 

The air fryer is a lunch time go-to, because it’s a quick way to get delicious crispy food! If you like a classic chicken nugget lunch (or are sharing your mealtime with kids), you can still make that happen on your diet. Just make your own using chicken breasts and gluten-free flour. And, instead of the macaroni and cheese or french fries on the side, try crispy zucchini or a side salad! You can find my Air Fryer Chicken Nugget recipe on The Cysterhood!

Meal-Prepped Turkey Chili 

The best lunchtime meal is one you don’t have to think about at all. Soups of all kinds, including chili, are great for prepping a balanced meal for a hearty lunchtime! Use ground turkey and plenty of beans for protein. Then, broth and vegetables can add flavor, texture, and additional health benefits. 

Chili is an easy PCOS-friendly option as long as you don’t use fatty meat and are instead choosing lean protein sources. However, be mindful about your toppings and try to find dairy-free alternatives for your sour cream and cheese if necessary. When I cook my recipe, I add diced avocado, cilantro, or green onions to elevate the flavor! 

List of pcos-friendly lunch ideas

Air Fryer Egg Bites

Here’s another air fryer favorite of mine! If you like breakfast for lunch, egg bites can be a great protein-packed choice for Cysters on a PCOS diet. It’s low cal, low carb (perfect for those who have a lower Carb Tolerance Range), and full of protein. 

You whip up your egg mixture with your choice of veggies, dairy-free cheese, and dairy-free milk, then pour them into muffin liners. A few minutes in the air fryer and they’re good to go! 

Sushi Bowls

I LOVE sushi! However, I’ll save the fun of shaping the sushi into perfect rolls for date night. At lunch, we’re doing it deconstructed. To do that, you just start with the basics: rice and shrimp or salmon. Then, chop up your veggies. I like cucumbers, carrots, and avocado. Cover it in mayonnaise, hot sauce, and crumpled up nori sheets. The sushi bowls have healthy fats and protein and provide a filling, but refreshing lunch! 

Avocado Toast

If you don’t have much of a lunch appetite and just want something fast, easy, healthy, and tasty to keep blood sugar levels balanced until dinner, you can’t go wrong with avocado toast. Get gluten-free multi grain bread, toast it, and then top with avocado and your choice of extras! I like eggs, ham, prosciutto, and/or sweet potatoes. A little everything bagel seasoning or black pepper can add a lot of flavor as well. My personal recipes are on The Cysterhood app, and if you love avocado, here are more avocado recipes!

Bagel Sandwich

One of my husband Sirak’s favorite meals is a breakfast bagel sandwich. We usually do it for breakfast, but it’s always such a treat for lunch, too. To do it, grab gluten-free bagels and add your favorite breakfast sandwich ingredients. Some good choices are avocado, spinach, tomatoes, salmon, turkey, cucumbers, bell peppers, and zucchini. For a sauce, pesto, hummus, or dairy-free cream cheese add a little flavor without compromising the health benefits! 

Baked Sweet Potatoes

Here’s another quick lunchtime favorite! You can microwave the sweet potato and have a baked potato in just a few minutes. Sweet potatoes have a lot of natural flavor, but you can top them with dairy-free yogurt, spinach, mushrooms, onions, black beans, salsa, avocados, chickpeas, dairy-free cheese, and more. You could have this for lunch for days and enjoy a different combination of flavors every time. Definitely add sweet potatoes to your PCOS-friendly grocery list and meal plan

Collage of PCOS healthy lunches

These PCOS-friendly lunches can help you reach your health goals!

Getting on a diet and making it a sustainable lifestyle can be difficult at the beginning, but it’s much easier with delicious recipes you’re excited to eat! The Cysterhood app has hundreds of recipes, whether you’re looking for a quick lunch, fancy dinner, or healthy PCOS-friendly snacks. On the app you’ll find even more resources to help you heal PCOS and life symptom-free! It’s a MUST for Cysters everywhere! 

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